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Essay Competition

£1000 Prize

The Tank Museum, in association with the University of Wolverhampton, is to award a £1,000 Prize for the best article on Armoured Warfare focusing on how tanks have contributed to the development of warfare since their arrival on the battlefield in September 1916. The Prize is funded by the Arts Council England. The article will be published in full in the British Journal for Military History (

Entries are invited from Undergraduate or Postgraduate students at any university. Articles submitted for consideration must be a piece of original research on one of two topics.

1) Armoured warfare in the First World War.

2) The  introduction and development of recurring themes of armoured warfare, for example, the infantry support role versus independent mobile arm, or the tanks as invaluable asset versus costly peripheral weapon system. The research needs to reflect these themes in relation to their introduction during the First World War, and the continued development of armoured warfare over the last one hundred years, rather than purely an assessment of the role of tanks in a specific battle. 

Articles should not exceed 8,000 words in length (including footnotes). Entrants are encouraged to make use of the archival holdings of The Tank Museum at Bovington.

Entries will be judged by a panel that includes two academics and two representatives of The Tank Museum. Articles submitted to the competition may be published in an abbreviated form in Tracklink, the magazine of The Friends of The Tank Museum, and the winner will be published in full in the British Journal for Military History. Please see this link for BJMH author guidelines


Entries are to be submitted electronically by 12:00 on Friday 5th October 2018. The Prize winner will be announced in early November.


For more information on or an appointment to use the Archives at The Tank Museum please contact Stuart Wheeler: Tel: 01929 405096 ext 230