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Donating to the Archive & Library

Help grow our collection

If you are in possession of a piece of history that you would like to donate to the Museum we would of course be interested to hear from you. Please contact the Assistant Archive Manager on 01929 405096 ext. 232 or the Registrar ext. 207  if you would like to discuss your donation with us.

What do we collect?

The Tank Museum is widely recognised as having the world’s most comprehensive and accessible collection of armoured vehicles.  Alongside the vehicle collection an extensive Archive and Supporting Collection has been built up in parallel with the vehicles.

The collection is continuously developing and key to this are the donations of documents, photographs, works of art, medals, uniforms, vehicles or sub-systems and objects received from private individuals.

The Archive includes personal and formal documents, books, manuals, parts lists, diaries, photographs, albums, memorabilia, letters, journals as well as oral histories.

We accept digital formats which are to a specified quality and on supported media formats such as Tiff files and PDFs. We are also in some cases keen to copy material that an owner may wish to retain.

Donating an Item

The Archive is a Place of Deposit for The National Archives and we collect material specifically relating to armoured vehicles and warfare and relating to those who served in the Royal Tank Regiment (and its predecessors) and the Royal Armoured Corps.

We consider all offers on a case-by-case basis with regard to the relevance, provenance and condition of the items.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept everything we are offered. This may be due to duplication but also due to issues with storing certain materials.

If you wish to donate an armoured vehicle or contact the Curator about donating an item please contact phone 01929 405096 ext 213


Books and Plastic Models

The Museum no longer collects plastic models and may already have many of the books you wish to donate in its collection. If you as the donor are in agreement we at the Museum do still take such material to sell at a museum event and purchase an item for the collection with the proceeds.