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The Tank Story Audio Tour

Let David Fletcher, Tank Museum Historian and the world's leading expert on armoured warfare, take you on an audio tour of our principal exhibition; The Tank Story.

bovtm_david_flectcher (ID 52702)Follow in David's footsteps on a 100 year journey through the history of armoured warfare. As he examines each of the 36 vehicles in this unique exhibition, you'll discover more about these most significant machines and the men that fought in them.

Over his 30 year association with The Tank Museum, David has made an enormous contribution to the military vehicle heritage community, and is highly regarded for his work across the globe.

The tours were recorded by The Tank Museum Archive & Library Department and offer a swift yet detailed tour through the 50,000sqft Tank Story Hall.

This page contains audio files that you can download on to your computer or mp3 player to listen to now, or on your tour of The Tank Museum.

Part 1 - The First World War

bovtm_world_war_one (ID 52710)Running time: 4:00 File Size: 3.60MB File Format: MP3


In this section of the tour David discusses the invention of the tank and the evolution of mechanized warfare from static trench warfare. The tour starts with Little Willie - the world's first tank.

Part 2 - The Inter War Period

bovtm_inter_war (ID 52705)Running time: 5:53 File Size: 5.39MB File Format: MP3


In this section of the tour David will guide you through one of the most traumatic and significant changes in the history of the British Army - the mechanization and armouring of the cavalry regiments.

Part 3 - The Fall of France

bovtm_fall_of_france (ID 52704)Running time: 6:12 File Size: 5.68MB File Format: MP3


In this section of the tour David finds himself in France during the summer of 1940. He is surrounded by the tanks that played a role in the first land campaign of World War 2.

Part 4 - The Western Desert

bovtm_western_desert (ID 52708)Running time: 6:10 File Size: 5.64MB File Format: MP3


In this section of the tour David will be looking at one of the great arenas of armoured warfare - The Western Desert. Discussing the vehicles that fought there, he will stop to examine the famous Tiger tank.

Part 5 - The Eastern Front

bovtm_eastern-front (ID 52703)Running time: 2:56 File Size: 2.68MB File Format: MP3


In this section of the tour David talks about two tanks that often came face to face with each other. Hear David describe why the Russian T34 and German Panther tank were considered two of the best tanks of World War 2.

Part 6 - Invasion and Liberation

bovtm_invasion (ID 52706)Running time: 5:26 File Size: 4.97MB File Format: MP3


In this section of the tour David walks around a number of vehicles spanning an area from the Normandy Beaches, across North West Europe and finally ending at the Fall of Berlin - this section includes a look at the deadly Sherman Firefly.

Part 7 - Korea & the Cold War

bovtm_korea_cold_war (ID 52707)Running time: 7:14 File Size: 6.61MB File Format: MP3


In this section of the tour David brings us into the start of the Cold War by looking at the vehicles that fought in The Korean and Vietnam conflicts - including the last ever Churchill tank off the production line.

Part 8 - The Cold War & Iraq

bovtm_cold_war_gulf (ID 52701)Running time: 9:07 File Size: 8.34MB File Format: MP3


In this final section David brings the audio tour to a close by looking at the vehicles of the leading protagonists of the Cold War. This tour concludes with a look at the British Army's current main battle tank - Challenger II.

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