The Tank Museum | Sow the Seeds of Remembrance

Sow the Seeds of Remembrance

**DELAYED until 15 February**

6th February 2018

DELAYED until 15 February due to dreadful weather. Sincere apologies for any disappointment caused.

Tank Museum visitors are invited to help sow a field of poppies as part of a national campaign to create 'a carpet' of the red flowers across the UK in time to mark 100 years since the end of the First World War. 

Inspired by a campaign led by The Memorial Mob - a group dedicated to creating memorials and events to help remember the uniformed services - visitors on the 15 February, during February Half Term, will be given special Flanders Remembrance Poppy seeds to sow in The Tank Museum arena.

It is hoped that the Poppies will be in full bloom for the 8 August when The Tank Museum will be hosting a special event to mark the centenary of the Battle of Amiens - the beginning of the end of the First World War. The event is being held in association with the YouTube based Great War Channel.

Museum Director Richard Smith said; "We hope our visitors will join in to help us create what will be a beautifully poignant centrepiece for our First World War event this summer - where thousands of red flowers will act as an enduring reminder of those who gave their lives in the conflict.

Poppies are a well-known symbol of remembrance, beginning after they grew in abundance on the disturbed battle grounds of the First World War and made famous in the poem "In Flanders Fields". 

In order to take part, visitors should come to The Tank Museum on Thursday 15 February where the planting will take place at 12.00pm. Please call 01929 405096 ext 235 with any questions.