The Tank Museum | Funding from the Army Museums Ogilby Trust

Funding from the Army Museums Ogilby Trust

Archive Scanning Project

13th July 2018

The Tank Museum Archive is tasked with both preserving our collection and increasing our collections accessibility to the public – It’s fair to say we can tick both boxes with the AMOT scanning project.

Chosen to be one of only two museums to take part in this pilot scheme, the project offers us the opportunity to digitalise our collection dating from the First World War through to 1939 at the highest quality. This particular AMOT (Army Museums Ogilby Trust) project is being funded by the LIBOR Grant Scheme.

Archive BoxesOn Monday 11th June 2018, a grand total of 75 boxes containing letters, war diaries, official papers and personal documents and 374 maps were sent off-site for scanning. This mammoth project is the culmination of over seven months of non-stop work from Archive staff.

With such a significant element of our collection going off –site, preparation for the project started on 2nd October 2017. It was vitally important to audit our collection prior to scanning. To achieve this, over the seven months, each individual page from every document in every box was counted.  The counting process even logged how many pages in a document were single or double sided, as this would impact the length of time taken to scan the document. Every document and map was then condition reported, logging every crease, tear and corner fold. 

By looking at this minute detail, we know the exact condition each document and map left us in. When the documents return, the process will be repeated… So this is not the end of the story, but rather the beginning. 

AMOT Map LargeThis First World War Map of the Cambrai area is a preview scan. In an effort to not break the website, the quality has reduced to 100th, as the original file for this one map measures at over 50MB! When the project is completed, this exceptional scanning quality will allows us to zoom in and study our collections in incredible detail and opens up wealth of opportunities for our research department, exhibitions teams and members of the public.

With this in mind, we ask that those with enquiries regarding these particular documents please bear with us in the coming months. However, we assure you it will be worth the wait.