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Home to the Reconnaissance Corps?

13th July 2018

Did you know that the Tank Museum is the home of the Reconnaissance Corps?

Recce CorpsWhile you may know that the Tank Museum is the Regimental Museum for the Royal Tank Regiment and its predecessors, the museum tells the story of the whole Royal Armoured Corps and therefore the Reconnaissance Corps, as it falls within this vast organisation.

This photographic album which belonged to Ernest Walker Merigold, 10601193, is an excellent example of Reconnaissance Corps donation recently made to the Archive & Library. Merigold enlisted 8th January 1942 and served in B Squardon, 53rd Recce Regiment, Reconnaissance Corps. He would landed on D Day +6 and serve in Holland, France and Germany before he was eventually demobbed as Sergeant in 1945.

Albums which are filled with high quality photographs always get the Archive excited. Throughout the album are shots of Marigold’s Humber Mark IV Armoured Car named ‘Turbulant II’ though notes below show the crew nicknamed it ‘Tub’.  However, what is particularly special about these photos is that they include handwritten annotations from Sgt Merigold. These annotations written on both the photograph reverse and the album page itself, offer the Archive a wealth of information by dating the photograph, naming crew members and pin pointing locations. Charmingly, the album notes are often rather playful which, alongside relaxed images, give a real sense of the comradery of the Troop.Recce Corps troop

The Archive attaches great importance to annotations on photographs as these notes often prove the only source for the images context and names of individuals featured in it. Sadly, without these details, the photos context is lost and information is often irretrievable.  Therefore, annotations from photographs are written onto the accompanying TRACER record. Adding this extra knowledge will help with future research, family histories enquiries and better assist the Museum in telling the Reconnaissance Corps story.