The Tank Museum | Filmaker Intern Thanks Patrons

Filmaker Intern Thanks Patrons

Chloe Shipley thanks the Patrons who funded her position

29th August 2018

Hi Patreon Supporters, 

Firstly, thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to work as a filmmaker here at The Tank Museum, Bovington. Today marks the completion of my first month here with the team, in which I have gained an excellent insight into the professional world of filmmaking and the operations of the Museum.

My initial few weeks here involved getting to grips with both the new editing software, filmmaking equipment and how the variety of different Youtube series’are produced. This has allowed me to work on numerous projects such as the JSIII Tank Chat with David Willey, Top 5 Tanks with Mike Goes Boom, the Victoria Cross Exhibition opening and a series of promotional materials such as the Amiens Day film and Facebook adverts.

Working as a filmmaker here at the Museum has been even more rewarding than I initially expected – It has been great to be able experience the armoured vehicles at events such as Tankfest and Amiens 100 up close up in the arena whilst shooting along with an extremely dedicated and welcoming team. It is extremely rewarding to begin seeing my film work posted on The Tank Museums online platforms such as Patreon, Facebook and Youtube with excellent engagement that makes it all worthwhile! 

I am extremely excited to round off my first month here at The Tank Museum with a trip around the arena in the M60 in today’s Tanks in Action display – I definitely have secured an excellent intern role!

Thanks again, 


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