The Tank Museum | Tiger Collection Extension

Tiger Collection Extension

Popular exhibition now running until Autumn 2019

29th August 2018

Due to popular demand The Tank Museum is extending the duration of its Tiger Tank Collection exhibition.

*The Elefant will be going back to America at the end of 2018*

Opened in April 2017, the Tiger Tank Collection brought every member of the Tiger tank family together in one display for the first time.

The German built Tiger tanks gained notoriety during the Second World War, where presence on the battlefield stirred dread among Allied soldiers. Their size, scarcity and notoriety has made them objects of curiosity ever since.

“Visitors have come from around the world to see this unique display” said Head of Marketing Nik Wyness. “Since the exhibition opened, the Museum has enjoyed record visitor numbers. Our events alone have brought hundreds of new visitors to Dorset from as far away as the USA and Australia.” 

The exhibition was originally scheduled to run until Autumn 2018, however due to its popularity the Museum has extended the display until Autumn 2019.

The exhibition features the Museum’s Tiger I, two King Tigers, Jagdtiger and an Elefant tank on international loan – which is on public display in Europe for the first time since it was captured in 1944.

The Elefant has been lent to The Tank Museum by US Army Ordnance Training and Heritage Center at Fort Lee, VA, by The United States Army Centre of Military History and is one of just two surviving examples of the 91 Elefants that saw service with German forces.   

The one Tiger unable to be present – the Sturmtiger – has been represented using ground-breaking virtual technology, supplied by software developer ane exhibition sponsor Wargaming.

With veteran stories, supporting artefacts, unseen imagery and the stories unique to the vehicles on display, the exhibition showcases the Museum’s collection of what were arguably the most feared and famous tanks of the Second World War.