The Tank Museum | Roll up, roll up to the Globe Cinema, Bovington Camp!

Roll up, roll up to the Globe Cinema, Bovington Camp!

13th September 2018

Cinema leafletEven soldiers need a little leisure time after a hard days training -- a trip to the cinema should do the trick. 

This recent donation to the Archive is a rare survival of an advertisement poster for the Globe Cinema which sheds light on camp life.

Set up in August 1941 by the British Government to meet training and recreational needs of an army at war, the AKC (Army Kinema Corporation) continued to build facilities and provided cinema throughout the post war period. The Globe Cinema, Bovington, is one such cinema built during 1946 and 1947 for the AKC by Italian prisoners of war.

The films advertised on this bright and eye-catching poster are a vibrant mix. From family friendly adventures Disney’s ‘Big Red’(1962) and ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ (1960) to the private eye noir spoof ‘It's Only Money’ (1962) and the X rated Italian drama ‘Boccaccio 70’(1962). But of course the main staple of any army cinema are their war films, represented here by ‘P.T. 109’ the dramatization of Lt. John F Kennedy’s naval wartime experiences and ‘War Hunt’(1962) which follows two vastly different recruits to the frontlines of Korea close to the end of the War.

As this photograph of soldier’s queuing out the door shows, the cinema was a hugely popular.

Cinema queue