The Tank Museum | A Visit from the Dutch!

A Visit from the Dutch!

Visiting technicians lent their assistance to the Workshop Team.

4th December 2018

Three civilian maintenance technicians working for the Royal Netherlands Army visited The Tank Museum in November, to lend their expertise to the Workshops.

The three men stayed at the Museum for a week to give the Workshop team training on Leopard 1 and M548 repair and maintenance. This training included class room sessions and on the tool training. The Dutch visitors have been trained on and served on both vehicles.

At the end of the week several members of the Museum’s workshop team were given additional driver training on the Leopard 1 in the Museum’s arena.

The technicians all took a week’s leave to work with the team at Bovington. This is the second time that technicians from the Royal Netherlands Army have trained staff at The Tank Museum on vehicle maintenance and operation.